Taekwondo, literally translated to mean ‘art of hand and foot’ is a Korean form of martial arts known for its strong forms and techniques in punching and kicking. 

Athletes are required to have discipline, focus and balance to build strength and power to master and condition their minds and bodies. 

Three years ago at the INAS Global Games 2019, Taekwondo was a demonstration sport.

But its popularity among athletes with intellectual impairment and its proven success saw it included at the OA Games 2022 on the official Virtus Sport Program as a full-medalled event. 

The Taekwondo competition was delivered in partnership with Australian Taekwondo.

Taekwondo competition was held on:

  • Wednesday 9 November

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Event Venue

Chandler Theatre (Sleeman Sports Complex)

Sleeman Sports Complex,
Crnr Old Cleveland & Tilley Roads Chandler Qld 4155

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Competition area at Chandler Theatre