Table Tennis

An intense table tennis rally will have you on the edge of your seat with your eyes straining to see that white ball as it whips back and forth between wielded bats at lightning speed.

The Table Tennis competition was open to II-1, II-2 and II-3 athletes.

With Factor 20 status, and international sanctioning from the International Table Tennis Federation – Para, athletes had the opportunity to classify in Class 11 events which is the first step to pursuing a pathway to the Paralympics.

The Table Tennis competition was delivered in partnership with International Table Tennis Federation – Oceania.

Table Tennis competition days were held on:

  • Tuesday 8 November
  • Wednesday 9 November
  • Thursday 10 November
  • Friday 11 November

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Watch the action unfold

Event Venue

Anna Meares Velodrome (Sleeman Sports Complex)

Sleeman Sports Complex,
Crnr Old Cleveland & Tilley Roads Chandler Qld 4155

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