Judo is a Japanese martial arts sport that has developed over hundreds of years.

Opponents were kitted out in traditional judogi, throwing and pinning each other to the ground faster than you could blink in feats of strength, force, speed and control. 

OA Games 2022 is introduced Judo to the competition schedule for the first time in Virtus history as a full medal event.

II-1, II-2 and II-3 competitions was held in the following weight classes:

-60kg, -66kg, -73kgs, -81kgs, -90kgs, -100kgs, +100kgs

-48kgs, -52kgs, -57kgs -63kgs, -70kgs, -78kgs, +78kgs

The Judo competition was delivered in partnership with Judo Queensland.

The Judo competition at Chandler Theatre was held on:

  • Monday 7 November

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Event Venue

Chandler Theatre (Sleeman Sports Complex)

Sleeman Sports Complex,
Crnr Old Cleveland & Tilley Roads Chandler Qld 4155

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Competition area at Chandler Theatre