Vision, Mission and Values

Strengthening local communities and driving social change for better inclusion

Our Mission

To deliver a successful international multi-sport event for elite athletes with intellectual impairment in excellent competition in a welcoming and inclusive environment.

Our Vision

A world where everyone is included through sport.

Our Values

Our values are guided by principles of accessibility, respect, diversity, and inclusion; they are at the heart of everything we do.

People First Icon

People First

The Games are about putting people first in everything we do and giving people, especially our athletes, an opportunity to shine, be visible and respected.

Challenging Perceptions Icon

Challenging Perceptions

The Games are an opportunity to challenge and change people’s perceptions and preconceived ideas of ability. We’re using sport as a medium to demonstrate what’s possible — you can compete at the highest level whether or not you have a disability.

Stronger Communities Icon

Strengthening Communities

We are committed to helping to build stronger and more diverse communities and to provide equal opportunity for all.

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Everyone Included

By respecting people for the value that they bring, challenging perceptions and creating stronger communities we can create a world where everyone is included.